I enjoy music. I enjoy stories. I enjoy passionate expression.
Music is the best way for me to express myself.
I feel most comfortable getting lost in a song.
Here are a some videos of original & cover songs I enjoy to play.


Love Crazy – A song I wrote about moving on from a lost love.
Moving on isn’t always easy, and it wasn’t.. but it has turned out to be the best decision I never made.
A song about realization.

How To Fly (Cover) – One of my favourite songs. Sticky Fingers

Everything to Everyone (Cover) – My rendition of an Everclear song.

In Need – A song about not letting life get you down / not needing anyone to feel sorry for you. Coming home to a sense of relief.
A song about fortitude.

Slow Hands (Cover) – A trimmed down version of Niall Horan’s sweet jam.

Wait – A song about taking your time and thinking about your decision. Sometimes you don’t make the best decisions when you don’t think of everything that will be impacted. Sometimes you do.
A song about little things to keep in mind.

No Woman, No Cry (Cover) – My favourite Bob Marley tune to play. This one goes out to my bro, one love.

Eventually – A song about how time always works itself out, and it never hurts to hope that eventually you will get your chance at potential love.
A song about a crush.


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