Growing up in a music loving family, I was introduced to what would be my passion at an early age. My father had an eclectic collection of records & CDs and this is where my love came from. I would rock out in the living room to his records, playing air guitar and using whatever I could find as a microphone. I found the skeleton of a guitar in the trash in elementary school.. it was stringless, pickupless & pretty much guitarless, but I would just hold it in my hands pretending there were strings, thinking that I knew where to place my fingers and that there was a pick in my hand.. shit I didn’t know what the word chord meant, but I loved it.

I would eventually get a real guitar at the age of 13. I played the hell out of that Wal-Mart guitar tho. Many music lessons at the local Pine Cone and playing to myself in the basement, I picked it up fairly quick.. not that is was an easy task, but worked at it. I would sit there and just play.

It wasn’t until high school that I found my musical direction. Thanks to a good friend, I was turned on to the artist I would look up to for the rest of my life.. John Frusciante. I had always known his name, being a big RHCP fan, but being introduced to his solo music was an awakening. This man would have the single greatest impact on my music than any other musician, than any other person. Singing to his songs helped strengthen & transform my voice, learning to play his songs would teach me about progression, new chords & about songwriting. I looked up to him musically. I pull from many influences but he was the main reason I wanted to write music. As a musician, he is what I view as perfection.

Local shows brought the reality of playing music for an audience. There was so much happening in my hometown of Georgetown, Ontario and it was nothing but motivational. Punk shows after punk shows, not necessarily my calling, but being around it was exciting. It felt so good just listening to it. I started to wonder if people would feel good hearing a song I played.

I would start out playing covers in school talent shows and local open mic nights, and I remember playing a Frusciante tune, Fallout, and people asking if I had written it.. I fucking wish. If I started writing my own songs, and people liked them enough, I could answer ‘yes’ to that question. I knew I could write my own songs, if they would be good was another thing.

A lot took off from there. I would start to write my own songs, recording them on my home computer, jamming with friends and eventually getting some solo slots in local gigs. My good friend Danen wrote and recorded his own music and began a band called Datavus, which I later joined. It was my first real band experience. Practicing and playing a few gigs with friends. It was good start to the music life.

Around the same time my brother Sean and his friends, Ryan and Luke, were starting their own group – a mix of blues, rap & rock. I would be envious of them going to jam every week. They didn’t have a bass player and I would eventually poke at Sean to ask the guys if I could come to a practice. They let me and eventually I would also start to play bass & sing in Real Life Situation for a few years. That was the most fun one could have playing music. After that ceased, I was asked to be a part of a folk group called Dayfoot, playing bass and vocals. We played some good gigs.. like Head for the Hills, the MASSIVE hometown beer festival. I love beer. Musical direction ended up changing the sound and landscape of the band and I was one of the casualties. It was fun while I was there.

Many special things did come from that short time though. The happiest times I’ve ever had playing music in my life. I was able to start a band with a person that was special to me. Everything about Mountain and the Wood was special to me and was so close to my heart, and once it all ended my heart was shattered, in so many ways. It was the first time in my life I didn’t want to play music. The first time music didn’t help me drift off to a peaceful place. I could always count on music for help, and I felt like I had nothing to turn to. As hard as it was, this would bring me new inspiration and evidently new projects to focus on. I would channel the energy back into my own music.. it felt good doing something for myself again.

That brings me here, working on my new project Forest Dweller and playing bass with good friend Collette Andrea on her project. I’m quite excited for both but extremely excited for her music and that I get to be involved with it. Between those projects and chatter of potential others, I have much to look forward to musically.
There will be lots more music to share, I cannot wait!